Beth Waterhouse has been writer or editor in a few excellent book projects. Please link to each site to learn more.

+ Renewing the Countryside, Minnesota. In 2001, Beth served as one editor in the team that produced this first in the “Renewing” series. She wrote all the connective essays between chapters.

“This book is a glimpse into the lives of people creating resilient, prosperous future for Minnesota—a collection of 43 stories of human creativity on the land.” See

+ The Farm as Natural Habitat. In 2002, Beth was asked to write a chapter for this book about sustainable farming. Hers is Chapter 16.

“This is a vital new contribution to the debate over agriculture and its impacts on the land. It challenges the notion that farmland as an ‘ecological sacrifice zone’ is inevitable.” See

+ Time, Soil, and Children—Conversations with the Second Generation of Sustainable Farm Families in Minnesota. In 2003/04, Beth shared part of the Endowed Chair in Agricultural Systems, University of Minnesota. Her idea was to interview 15 young people and pull together their impressions and stories. Result? This book.

“Here is an exploration of themes, from the meaning of work to the power of leaving home. These young people give us solid, sustainable hopes for a better world.”See

+ Cultivating Leaders for a Changing Agriculture—a Harvest of Stories. In winter/spring of 2005, Beth interviewed 14 participants in the shared leadership workshops of the CLCA program. A 56-page book now discusses such concepts as the power of listening.

“Listening is what turns a concept like love, leadership, or even life into a verb. Little is more powerful than the simple request, ‘Tell me.’” See You can order a book from Barbara Rusmore in Bozeman, Montana. E-mail