Love on the Wires

His voice is the last she hears at night,
Hers, the first he hears in the morning.
An eagle soars “out of nowhere” as voices connect.

While fingers of ice reach across Rainy’s gray waters,
Companionship fingers its way into her life story.

“Haven’t heard enough about your visit with Ann,”
He opens.
“Stuck my hand in a coat pocket and found the Two of Hearts*”
She laughs.

Snow drips off the telephone line near Ranier, Minnesota...
A warm dark patch travels southward…
Wires sparkle.
Six Snow Buntings flutter with tingley feet,
Somewhere about Cook, Minnesota.
A flock of sparrows in Excelsior rises from the wire,
For no apparent reason,
Settles again, closer to each other.

* All the hearts from a deck of cards were carefully hidden in my apartment in early November after one of Don’s visits. At this writing, I have yet to find the three of Hearts, but all others made their mark and created warm love and laughter. (aha - cereal box – mid December)