Home again, and again

I walk this ocean shore.
Long slow flat gray waves washing
Earth-breaths, flooding in, sizzling back
In, and back… Eternally.

My feet plant their prints in the cold sand.
I want to make a mark,
On this earth, in this life.
I seem to do so, as I walk.

I stand, turn toward the sunrise.
Let this rosy beauty feed my soul.
Walk on again, rhythm returning.

Luckily I have no where to go.
It’s not late and I’m not lost.
This walking simply takes me home again
and again, each day.
No doubling back.
A new view with each rising of the sun.

Looking way back,
I see that my footprints have washed over.
…as so many dreams.
Yet under me each is known.

I somehow make a difference in this life,
just living in my own skin,
Walking deeply in these footprints.

The sandpipers skitter across my path.