Beth has been a writer, editor, and teacher bringing the power of story and poetry to environmental causes. From 1992 to 2007 she edited the journal/newsletter called Community Connections for the Minnesota Project (St. Paul, Minnesota) and has been an editor or writer on several other well-known story-gathering publications. She also co-taught a fall semester course at the University of Minnesota in Environmental Ethics for seven years. In 2008, Beth became the Executive Director of the Ernest C. Oberholtzer Foundation. As the organization's sole staff, she schedules and manages the programs on Mallard Island in Rainy Lake. See the web site for more information regarding this current job. Beth and her husband, Don Maronde, live in Excelsior, Minnesota.

Pursuing the art of words for the transformation of our human relationship to the Earth and each other
• Touching upon spirit through words as language of hope and motivation
• Using writing and community-building skills, focusing on food and sustainable agriculture issues or other social and environmental causes

It is a deep joy and relief to find words for what is truly only soul-energy. Those words—carefully chosen words plus some quiet and intent on the part of the reader—might then connect to the reader’s soul. Spirit to words to spirit—that is my mission around good writing. There is a definite element of grace.

If Yes, You are in the Right Place

  • Do you want “stories” to be a part of an upcoming project?
  • Do you believe that interviewing key individuals and documenting their reflections will strengthen an evaluation or a current program?
  • Do you have a report, document, or booklet coming up that needs more editing attention than you have time for?
  • Do you struggle with a major book-length project that is stuck with multiple authors and does not flow together—one that could use a consistent voice?
  • Do you have a commemorative event coming up that might be enhanced by a collection of stories or memories?
  • Could your staff use some short courses in written expression?
  • Do you feel you could benefit from some personal attention in the area of writing?